Mac Voice Recognition Software

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Mac voice recognition software is making it possible for Macintosh users to have access to the same valuable speech recognition functions as PC users. The world of voice recognition can make computer access and dictation easy and efficient. Today, people can do things that were never possible before through Mac voice recognition software.

Mac Voice Recognition Software: Exciting Possibilities

One of the problems I often have with a Macintosh is the command level interface. I am a religious PC user, and often have trouble accessing basic functions on a Mac. This is where Mac voice recognition software comes in handy. With voice dictation technology, you simply speak a command and the computer does what you tell it to do.

Repetitive stress disorder is another problem when it comes to computer use. Millions of Americans today suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome in their wrists and hands due to using a mouse and keyboard all day long. Extensive products have been released to make computer interfaces more ergonomic. I have found, however, that the most ergonomic interface is to not use your hands at all.

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