Roger Wilco

Written by Jill Morrison
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Roger Wilco is a stand-alone service that allows you to chat with others while playing multiplayer games online, much like Ventrilo services. You can also use it to add a chat room to your website. All you need is a microphone and a 28.8K modem.

Roger Wilco Features

Roger Wilco allows you to converse with game players before, after, and during online games. It is used in multiplayer games so that you can converse and strategize with your teammates. You can also taunt enemies with this chat service.

The program, and most other voice chat programs, will work with nearly every multiplayer online game. Popular games for chatting include Half-Life, StarCraft, Unreal Tournament, Tribes 2, Quake III, and Diablo II. You also have to option to chat verbally with non-gaming friends.

Roger Wilco is primarily used for gaming communication, but can also be utilized to create a chat room and invite friends to sign in. Then, you can speak freely with a hot key, or with voice recognition. This service is well-known, but Ventrilo services offer better quality audio and features overall.

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