Team Speak

Written by Jill Morrison
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Team Speak is one of the many online programs for gaming communication. It allows you to communicate verbally while playing online video games. With the right tools, this service can provide telephone quality audio for chatting, but the client's maximum bandwidth won't exceed 25.9KBit/s.

Internet voice chatting has taken online gaming to the next level. You can chat with friends and teammates before, during, and after games. Most players will strategize with teammates and taunt opponents with this service.

Team Speak Features

Team Speak includes some features that others programs may not include. It uses as little latency as possible and divides server and client applications so advanced users can set up their own server. However, its features do not exceed the features offered with Ventrilo servers.

A major advantage for this program is its cross-platform communication ability. The server and client applications are now available for Windows and Linux. Likewise, Ventrilo servers can be utilized by any system or client and may perform more effectively than Team Speak service.

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