Written by Jill Morrison
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Teamspeak is an application that allows you to communicate verbally while playing online video games. The service can provide phone quality audio with the right tools. Yet, the maximum bandwidth won't exceed 25.KBit/s.

Teamspeak Features

Teamspeak is one of the well-known online gaming programs for communication, yet it does not exceed the capabilities of Ventrilo servers. Both provide options for beginners to connect to a server and talk to their friends easily.

A major advantage in using this program is its cross-platform communication ability. The server and client are available for Windows and for Linux. The type of operating system that you use does not matter with this application.

Internet voice services are great tools for online communication in gaming. You can use them to chat with friends before, during, or after online games and to taunt opponents. Teamspeak is an acceptable communication service, but Ventrilo servers offer a more high quality service.

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