Written by Michael O'Brien
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Transcription is the process by which spoken words are translated into written text. Just as a secretary or court reporter can transcribe something being dictated to them, so too can speech recognition software. The benefits of this technology can be far reaching. This is especially true for people with physical handicaps or other disorders who find using a computer difficult.

Transcription Software

Programs like Via Voice, Dragon Naturally Speaking, iListen, and Voice It are designed to use a simple microphone connected to a PC or Mac, and translate what is being said into typewritten text. Transcription is made easy through such voice recognition technology. People can do all of their writing much quicker and hands free.

Transcription software can also include reading back what was spoken as well. Text to speech programs use an electronic voice to read written words. People unable to read a computer screen can now do all of their writing and reading without having to ever touch the keyboard. The technology for text to speech is improving by leaps and bounds, allowing such software to pronounce and voice words with greater accuracy. The voice may still sound a little unnatural, but it gets the job done.

Convenient Solutions

Transcribing words through speech recognition is one way people can make life easier. For those with sight problems or repetitive stress disorder in their wrists and hands from having to type for extended periods, the technology is indispensable. For the rest of us, it can simply make writing much quicker and easier.

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