Written by Jill Morrison
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Ventrilo allows for the convergence of visual and verbal communication on the Internet. It is a VOIP service, which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. There are many other VOIP companies available, but Ventrilo offers the best service and features for its customers.

VOIP technology is taking over as an Internet communication tool. It allows you to share information visually and speak to your recipient simultaneously with telephone audio quality. With VOIP, you will not need to tie up your telephone line in order to communicate verbally.

VOIP can be used in businesses or residences. Business VOIP will help to make computer time more productive. Businesses are also likely to use a private server for security reasons.

Residential VOIP allows for better communication with family and friends over the internet. You can share pictures and data and then discuss them at the same time. Yet, VOIP services in residences are most commonly used for online gaming.

Ventrilo Features

There are many different VOIP service companies to choose from. Roger Wilco, Teamspeak, and Game Voice are a few examples. Yet none of them compare to the features offer by Ventrilo.

Ventrilo allows you to chat with up to 50 people at one time. This feature is necessary for business conferences and for online gaming. Households will not need a service plan with extensive chatting capabilities because it is likely that you will not chat with more than one or two people at once in your home.

Ventrilo is commonly used in business settings. With extra security feature options, your business will not experience eavesdroppers or unwanted visitors in business chat rooms. It is also an excellent tool for conference calling.

Ventrilo is a popular addition to online gaming. It allows you to chat with other players during multiplayer online video games. You can discuss strategies with teammates or taunt opponents with this amazing VOIP program.

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