Ventrilo Host

Written by Jill Morrison
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A Ventrilo host allows you to obtain service for communicating verbally on the Internet. With Ventrilo, you can share data or any visual information and speak to your recipient simultaneously. Ventrilo is considered to be a Voice Over Internet Provider (VOIP) program.

Ventrilo Host Features

A Ventrilo host can offer service in homes, businesses, or for online gaming. You can use Ventrilo to speak over the Internet as if you were using a telephone. Yet, you will not need to tie up your phone line in the process.

A Ventrilo host is commonly used to help businesses to be more productive with communication. It is an excellent tool for conference calling. Ventrilo offers many extra security features to protect business chat rooms from unwanted visitors.

Ventrilo is very popular among online game players. It allows you to converse verbally with other players and even non-players. You can taunt opponents and discuss strategies with teammates, or chat with friends during any online game.

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