Ventrilo Servers

Written by Jill Morrison
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Ventrilo servers allow for the convergence of visual and verbal communication on the internet. Ventrilo is a VOIP service, or Voice Over Internet Provider. The service will allow you to share information and talk to your recipient without tying up your phone line.

Characteristics of Ventrilo Servers

Ventrilo servers can be used in households, businesses and for online gaming. You can choose a private or public server according to your goals. Businesses will typically choose a private server and households are more likely to prefer a public server.

In a household, Ventrillo can help you to share pictures and data with friends and talk to them at the same time. Ventrilo servers are most common in households for online gaming. You can chat with friends and opponents while playing online games by using Ventrilo service.

Businesses usually prefer a private server for its added security features. Ventrilo is a great communication tool for conference calling. You can speak to numerous colleagues at once, and not worry about eavesdropping with a private server for Ventrilo.

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