Voice Chat Program

Written by Jill Morrison
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A voice chat program will allow you to communicate visually and also verbally when working on the Internet. You can share data or pictures with someone and discuss ideas simultaneously. You will need an internet connection, headset or VOIP phone, and to download the corresponding voice chat program software.

Voice Chat Program Options

A voice chat program may be used in a business or household. It is also a popular feature for online gaming. These programs allow you to chat with teammates and opponents during multiplayer online games.

Voice chat is a valuable business tool as well. In conference calling, it can be used to share data and discuss issues simultaneously. Business can use a private server and add security features to minimize the potential for unwanted visitors in chat rooms.

There are many different services to choose from including Teamspeak, Game Voice, or Roger Wilco. However, the best program for voice chatting is Ventrilo. Ventrilo delivers quality service and features with many options in service plans.

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