Voice Command Software

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Voice command software is the solution to carpal tunnel syndrome, eye strain and backaches caused from excessive computer usage. No longer do people whose jobs revolve around the computer have to be subjected to these maladies. I know I get cramped and achy after just a few hours at the computer. I take frequent breaks, but I still get sore sometimes.

Voice Command Software is Easy to Use

With voice command software, users can manipulate computer functions with simply the sound of their voice. Say, "Open email," and it does. Command, "Open letter to Mother," and it will. Computer users no longer have to spend long hours staring at the screen. You can do your work and be mobile with a hands free headset.

With voice recognition software, you don't even have to sit in front of the computer to use it. All you need is a wireless headset and you can do whatever you want as you work. Get on the treadmill to dictate a letter. Listen to your email while doing yoga.

You're Free to Move about the Office

Listen to your letter "read" back to you by the computer's text to speech engine as you play poker. Whatever you'd rather be doing than sitting in front of the computer, voice command software frees you up to do it. This is especially beneficial to people who work from home. They can make a sandwich, care for the kids, and even answer the door without interrupting their work.

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