Via Voice Mac

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Via Voice Mac allows Macintosh users the same voice recognition accessibility as PC owners. An advanced, hands free microphone hooks up to the computer through the microphone port. Now, one can simply dictate all documents and commands directly into their Mac.

Via Voice Mac: Hands Free and Voice Ready

Via Voice Mac has same great options as its PC counterpart. Documents can be composed in a wide variety of applications. Command functions can be easily accessed. Even text to speech capabilities are possible, allowing written text to be read out loud using a computer voice. The technology for this type of application is improving significantly, and it will only get better over time.

One of the ways Via Voice Mac will eventually improve its functionality is through its text to speech engine. At the moment, the voice reading the text sounds very unnatural and electronic. One of the ways this is being improved is through something called phrase splicing.

New Ways to Turn a Phrase

Phrase splicing involves using pre-recorded audio prompts that are voiced by a real human being and are pieced together to form sentences. This makes the voice of the computer system sound more natural and human since it is an actual person doing the talking. The only problem with this idea is hard drive storage. A large vocabulary will involve having to store many audio files on a hard disc. Even compressed into a low quality format, you could be talking about tens of thousands of audio files. For now, text to speech does the job just fine.

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