Voice Recognition Dictation

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Voice recognition dictation refers to the way in which a computer takes human speech and translates it into data that it can use to perform certain functions. The most basic way in which we see this function is through simple audio recording. Any microphone can be plugged into a sound card and audio input can be recorded and played back. The ability to do more than simple playback is where voice recognition dictation technology proves most effective.

Voice Recognition Dictation: Speech Translation

Even the simplest digital recording program can record sound and play it back. Some programs can even allow a user to edit a waveform and add audio effects. Music editing programs can interpret and map a beat based on waveform analysis. Voice recognition dictation software goes a step further by doing more with those audio inputs and waveforms.

Through analysis, voice recognition software can actually understand words spoken into a microphone or other voice input device, such as a telephone. You may have experienced such a thing while trying to call a company or institution for technical support or to make an appointment. Some institutions allow callers to speak commands instead of pushing buttons. This makes the process of finding answers to questions or taking care of business over the phone more natural and personal feeling than in the past.

Speech recognition software for an individual PC goes one better by learning to adapt to speech patterns and by increasing its vocabulary through user input. Out of the box, a voice recognition program may seem a little stupid at first. The more it works, however, the better it gets at understanding you.

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