Voice Servers

Written by Jill Morrison
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Voice servers allow you to communicate verbally online without using your telephone line. You can share visual information and also share ideas verbally in one sitting. Some service plans allow you to speak with many people at one time.

Qualities of Voice Servers

Voice Servers can be utilized in households, businesses, and for online gaming. They use VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Provider services to run the program. There are many different service companies to choose from.

The best service for voice chatting is Ventrilo. Ventrilo allows you to speak with up to 50 people at one time on the Internet. Ventrilo allows you to customize your own service plan that will correspond with your desired goals.

Voice servers are commonly used as a conference calling tool in business. They are also popular for online gaming communication. You can chat with friends and taunt opponents while playing online multiplayer games.

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