Via Voice Software

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Via Voice software is a remarkable tool that can revolutionize the way people access their computers. Advanced voice recognition software not only learns to adapt to a person's individual speech patterns, it can also learn new words as it goes. A built in text to speech engine will even dictate written words to a user with a computer voice. Via Voice Software has the potential to change the very way in which we use computers.

Via Voice Software: Advanced Adaptability

One of the things that sets Via Voice Software apart is its adaptability. In the days when I was working in the speech recognition field, we would have to test the system we were working on. To make it understand what we were telling it to do, we would have to speak very slowly and pronounce things very clearly. This was a problem with our CEO, who had a very thick accent.

Where Via Voice makes up for this problem is by being a learning program. Over time, it begins to recognize individual speech patterns and can learn to understand what is being said more effectively. It saves everything it learns into the profile of an individual, and many profiles can be stored. This allows for multiple users to access a machine, and for the computer to be able to understand each person who does so.

Via Voice does something even our company eventually caught on to as well. By learning how a person talks, even our thick-accented CEO could use the system. The design philosophy here is to let the program do the work. A person shouldn't have to speak differently than he or she normally would to access such a system.

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