Application Server Errors

Written by Ivan Gale
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There are few notes as grievous as when a computer or server tells you it can't do what you want it to due to some sort of an error. Oftentimes the messages are cryptic and unhelpful. What does it all mean, you might ask, as you scratch your head or wring your hands?

First of all, it's best to believe in Murphy's Law: All that can go wrong, will go wrong. Computer programs haven't gotten to the point when machines with artificial intelligence write them quite yet. Right now, they're written by computer programmers. Programmers make mistakes. It is inevitable that the big, sturdy application server you just purchased will one day run into a problem, though hopefully it will be small.

How to Avoid Technical Problems with Servers

First, it may be advisable to read that thick operating manual. It's easy to be intimidated, but at least IT managers have evolved beyond the fears of personal computer users and actually read these manuals. There are also guides on the web that help decode the messages you receive from your server, whether it be Linux-based, Java-based, or anther platform entirely.

Finally, there is technical support for IT managers. Hopefully you purchased your application server from a company with a good track record in customer service and technical support. One way to assure this is by browsing customer satisfaction reviews on server forum sites. Then, it's just a matter of calling up the people who know these error messages--the most trained technicians--to come straightaway and fix the problem.

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