Application Server Hosting

Written by Ivan Gale
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Smaller companies that require top-of-the-line computer technology to support their web businesses and applications should think hard about what system suits them best. The application server market produces products selling at half a million dollars, on the high end, to servers that cost a few thousand on the low end. There are a lot of choices in between. For smaller companies that can't afford a server of their own, one option is to have a hosting company rent them space in their server network to handle its web application needs.

Solutions for Small Companies

Whoever a company purchases computer technology from, it is very important that they have a good reputation for service and maintenance. Software is written by humans, and humans are fallible. In fact, it is rare for code to be written so perfectly that a program is devoid of bugs and problems. For open source-run programs like Linux, there is a larger community to draw from to fix any glitches and help make the product better.

However, there probably aren't many IT managers who would enjoy sitting down and fixing code when they know their entire network is down because of a bug. Time is money, and when the company can't go about its daily business due to a server meltdown, that's bad news. This is why reliability is so crucial.

One way to minimize this is to purchase the technology from a company that can help you with technical support. Even with free, unlicensed technology like Linux-driven systems, there are companies that bundle the product with a service warranty. That way no hapless IT manager will have nowhere to turn when things turn ugly.

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