Building Maintenance Management

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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If you’re in charge of maintenance for a company--like a plant or factory--there are a lot of factors to consider. Of course you want to keep your vehicles and equipment in good order, and make sure that employees are getting the training they need. But what about the “house” of the company--the building itself? This important piece of the maintenance management puzzle can often get overlooked in the shuffle, but let’s face it--if you’re not keeping up with the maintenance of the building itself, that leaky roof or broken door lock can cause a lot of problems.

With building maintenance management software, you can easily schedule routine maintenance projects. Think about the tasks you need performed--checking the doors, making sure the windows are secured, painting, reroofing. With a good software system in place you can schedule these important--if mundane--tasks on a biannual, yearly, monthly, even daily basis.

Building maintenance management software is also useful for creating work orders for and recording unscheduled maintenance--replacing a broken window, for example. Keeping a complete picture of your building’s maintenance history can help you identify particular problems or issues, and increase company safety. Your computer can automatically alert you (or other employees) when it’s time to, say, replace the batteries in the smoke alarms.

Build a Successful Company with Maintenance Management Software

Building maintenance management software can be especially useful if you are a property manager with multiple locations to supervise. This type of software can also be helpful in calculating how much money and time you spend on this kind of maintenance. By making sure your building’s needs are taken care of, you can spend more time concentrating on what’s happening inside the building--your business.

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