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Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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If you are running an industrial plant with a heavy production schedule, keeping things running smoothly and efficiently is your first priority. But this can be a huge job, with hundreds of pieces of machinery to keep up and running, and employee records to maintain. Scheduled (and unscheduled) maintenance, parts inventory, work orders, accidents reports, Workers’ Compensation--this can add up to hundreds of reams of paperwork. That’s why many companies have turned to CMMS, or Computerized Maintenance Management Software.

A good CMMS software solution can be your command center--a database where you can access all the information you need right at your fingertips. Once all your data is entered, it’s easy to track everything that happens with your company. For example, you can easily check your inventory, and if parts need to be ordered, your suppliers’ contact information is right there. Many CMMS models can then create an order request and send it through the proper channels.

If a crucial piece of equipment breaks down, it can slow or even stop productivity until it’s fixed. That’s not something that can be prevented, can it? Actually, if you are tracking your equipment maintenance, you can analyze how often something tends to break down, and schedule regular “check ups.” It’s like predicting the future!

Brains with Brawn--CMMS Software

Most of what you need to know to keep your company running at peak efficiency is all around you. But if it’s scattered on various desks or hidden away in file cabinets, you may not even know it. CMMS software can create a powerful information center for you to gather and analyze data, so you can “take the temperature” of your plant’s productive health.

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