Contact Management Software

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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As every professional knows, communication is key in today’s business environment. The ability to network and stay in contact with your vendors, employees, and counterparts at other companies can help you get ahead. But it’s hard to stay in touch with everyone if you have phone numbers scribbled on Post-It notes all over your desk. And it looks unprofessional to have to keep asking, “What’s your fax number again?” Contact management software can keep you ahead of the game.

With contact management software, you have a huge electronic address book to record names, positions, phone and fax numbers, and mailing and e-mail addresses. Now when an emergency crops up and you need to get in touch with someone fast, you can look them up by clicking a few keys, and you’re on your way.

Some contact management software lets you classify contacts as vendors, coworkers, or general contacts. That way, if you’re, say, throwing a Christmas party and want to invite the people you work with, you can sort your listings to show just the phone numbers you need. Most contact management software also lets you assign each person to a group or groups of your choosing. For instance, you could create groups like “Office Supplies,” “Headhunters,” or “Mechanics.”

Make Contact with Great Customer Service

Great communication skills can help you meet your clients’ and company’s needs faster and better. Don’t guess who to ask for when you call a supplier--with contact management software, you can keep a record of your sales rep’s name. With a good software system in place, you may never have to search for important contact information again.

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