Equipment Tracking Software

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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If your company has several projects going at once, it can be difficult to find out where exactly your equipment is. If you are planning to complete a certain task, but find the necessary machinery you need is missing, it’s not just an annoyance--it can slow down the rest of your day. By using equipment tracking software, you can keep a running log of where your equipment is, who is using it, and when it’s due to be checked back in.

How can you get started? First, check out equipment tracking software either online or through a reputable dealer. Make sure the software you choose is user-friendly, and that your computer has the minimum requirements to run it. Next, your employees (and you) need training. Some software can be learned through a quick tutorial; other software companies suggest sending employees to their classes to fully master the system.

Once you’re comfortable with the software, start compiling all your information on each piece of equipment. This includes its location, whether it’s owned or leased, warranty details, any spare parts you have in stock, and its repair history. Now you can note when your equipment is checked out, by whom, and what job it is performing. Repairs and service information logs can also be regularly updated.

Keep Your Equipment in Sight with Tracking Software

If your equipment tracking software is part of a larger CMMS system, you can either keep files updated manually, or keep them current automatically through work orders and your scheduling function. If you think you will probably sell your equipment down the road, you may want to look for tracking software with an asset depreciation calculator. With its multiple uses, equipment tracking software can make managing your machinery--and your business--less complicated.

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