Fleet Maintenance Management Software

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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If you have a fleet of trucks to manage, you probably know that maintenance is a huge issue that can have a major impact on your business. If you have a truck out of commission for repairs, that’s downtime that is costing your business money. Multiply that by several hundred vehicles, and this can be a major drain on your otherwise profitable business. Fleet maintenance management software can help you get costs under control.

With fleet maintenance management software, you can create a comprehensive file on every truck you run: its make and model number, when it was purchased and for how much, when it needs inspection, and other details of interest. With some software systems you can even attach a photo for easy reference. Once a file is set up, you can start scheduling each vehicle for servicing. Keep a careful record of its repair history--it can be a handy reference guide for any new mechanics you may hire.

Most fleet maintenance management software systems also have a feature that will keep track of your mechanics. You’ll want to catalogue them the same way you did your trucks: the date they were hired, emergency contact information, the training they’ve completed, and when they’re due for any re-certification or additional training. Use your software to schedule your mechanics efficiently. By cutting out downtime, you are utilizing them to their fullest capacity, and saving money to boot.

It’s Neat When Your Fleet Can’t be Beat

When your vehicles are taken care of and your mechanics are working to the best of their ability, you may find that your business starts to grow in leaps and bounds. With proper management, your fleet can be the best it’s ever been. Fleet maintenance management software can help you increase productivity and lower your day-to-day costs.

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