Java Application Servers

Written by Ivan Gale
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The Java programming language has been one of the more popular languages for application servers, and it appears it will remain in the top echelon for quite a while. Oracle, one of the biggest server manufacturers, is a supporter of Java. More and more companies are turning to this technology, making it not quite standard, but heavily used.

However, the server market is ultra-competitive. In other industries, manufacturers tout their own products and claim their superiority over other competitors. These claims are easy to make, because no one ever sits down and does an exhaustive comparison to see which one is truly the top performer. Not so in the server market.

The World of Server Competitions

Computer magazines regularly have server showdowns, putting a lineup of servers from various manufacturers through a series of tests to determiner reliability, operability, and speed. The results are later published in the magazine. These reviews are a great way to stay up on all the latest server technologies, which change markedly with each successive generation of servers. It is also a good way to make sure that when you do buy an application server, you're getting the best bang for your buck.

Server companies have learned the wide range of needs in today's business world, and have responded with a host of options for server offerings. Small servers can be purchased for several thousand dollars, while corporations may choose to go for hefty super-servers that go for as much as half a million dollars. There are options for the really little guys in business, too. Server hosting facilities will rent out capacity in their servers to small startup companies not big enough to afford a server of their own.

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