Machinery Maintenance Tracking

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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The careful maintenance of your company’s machinery can enhance the productivity and safety record of your business. When regular checkups are conducted on your machinery, you can be assured it’s in tiptop condition. This can help you avoid a breakdown that could affect your whole work week, and even extend the life of your machinery. How can you make sure proper maintenance is followed? Machinery maintenance tracking can help you schedule and assign needed tasks, and can even help predict potential problems in the future.

If you’re not sure what maintenance is best for your machinery, check your owner’s manual for the recommended procedures. Once you know the preventative steps to take, you can assign these tasks at systematic intervals to key employees. Have them keep a log of what work they perform, how long it takes, and the end result to add to your files.

But it’s not just preventative maintenance that needs to be tracked. Repairs and other events should also be recorded. When you have a clear history of your machinery--parts that tend to fail, and the best way to fix them--you can prepare for any issues that might crop up on a consistent basis. And future employees or owners can use this history for years to come.

Stay On-Budget with Machinery Maintenance Tracking

If you’ve got a strict maintenance budget to follow, tracking your maintenance history may help you find short cuts or more effective ways to maintain your machinery. You have a birds’ eye view of whether a particular employee does the work faster or better, or if some tasks can be combined. Machinery maintenance tracking software is available to simplify this important task.

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