Maintenance Coordinators

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Maintenance coordinators can be a useful resource for many types of companies. Factories, pharmaceutical plants--any business that relies on equipment and machinery can benefit from a system of regular maintenance. And having one person in charge of everything can ensure that everything is being carried out on schedule.

Your employees may have the best of intentions. They know certain maintenance projects should be completed on a regular basis. But they might not have time to focus on this important issue--especially if your business is booming and they’re busy all the time. After all, it’s not really their job to be in charge of maintenance, right?

With a maintenance coordinator at the helm of your maintenance management system, you have one person administrating a schedule they created. If they’re doing their job correctly, you don’t have to worry about important issues being ignored. Conversely, you also don’t have to worry about employees performing redundant tasks because they don’t know that, say, Forklift #1 already had its brakes checked.

Coordinate First-Rate Mandates

Your maintenance coordinator should be an expert on your company and its maintenance needs. Since it is their job, they have the time and resources to make sure regular maintenance is done in the most efficient and inexpensive way possible. If you think your business can’t afford to hire another employee, look at the long term benefits. Rather than thinking of a maintenance coordinator as another salary to pay, think of them as an additional profit generator, as they should save your company time and money.

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