Maintenance Management Systems

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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There may have been a time in your business where you could keep all your maintenance needs in one place--your head. Maybe you only had a few pieces of equipment that needed regular upkeep. Or maybe you had only one or two employees of which to keep track. And this system must have worked at first, because now your business has grown. There’s new machinery in the garage. That means there’s probably more mechanics working on them. And that means keeping records of everything in your head is becoming a bit of a headache, right?

A good maintenance management system can be the basis of a successful, profitable business. After all, if your machinery breaks down, it can slow down or even stop your projects for the day--or longer. You need to have all the information and materials at your fingertips to get things back on track as quickly as possible.

To establish a maintenance management system, the first thing you need to do is gather all the data on your equipment, employees, inventory, vendors, and other contacts in one place. You won’t have to waste time combing through the garage looking to see if you have a part if the inventory is regularly updated. And if you have a written history on your machinery and employees, you can efficiently analyze any accidents or other maintenance events and possibly avert them in the future.

Keep Your Business Up and Running

Some companies have a paper-based maintenance management system in place. This is fine for a smaller business that can still fit all their paperwork in a file cabinet. Many companies are also taking advantage of the latest technology with a computerized system that can streamline and speed the process.

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