Maintenance Personnel Tracking Software

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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It’s the start of a brand-new work day--do you know where your maintenance personnel are? Proper maintenance of equipment and facilities can enhance your business’ productivity and safety. If your machinery is neglected, your production lines can be shut down. If your sprinkler system isn’t serviced regularly, your building could be deemed a fire hazard. Bottom line, it’s worth it to keep on top of what your maintenance personnel is working on and when. Maintenance personnel tracking software can help.

With a good software system in place and regularly updated, you can run reports that will tell you at a glance which employees are where doing what--for the entire year, if you’ve scheduled that far ahead. Having this information at your fingertips makes it easy to figure out how much money you are spending on maintenance, and how much time is allocated. With maintenance personnel tracking software, you can also keep a detailed job history on each employee: projects they’ve completed, accident reports, workers’ compensation particulars, and more.

Tracking your personnel can also benefit the employees themselves. You can enter in what training and certification they have completed, and set alerts to inform you when they’re due for an update. Thus, your employees are keeping their skills current, which also makes them more valuable to the company.

Have You Seen This Maintenance Employee?

You no longer need to wonder what your maintenance staff is doing. And you don’t have to worry that important tasks are being overlooked. Maintenance personnel tracking software can bring you peace of mind, and can create a better work environment for your company.

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