Maintenance Reports

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Keeping on top of general maintenance duties has its benefits for any business. Those small, preventative measures and large, more involved projects can make your work day more productive. Plus, you can save money and time by preventing unexpected breakdowns and by making sure your equipment is operating at peak efficiency. But don’t just take it from me--you can best monitor and analyze the results yourself by creating maintenance reports.

With maintenance reports, you can see how much money and time your maintenance activities are costing you--and how much they are saving the company in the long run. By taking a close look at your overall data, you can see if your employees are being scheduled in a way that minimizes downtime. And you can see if there are any redundancies--jobs assigned twice when once will do. You may even discover that some projects can be combined into one and save man and machinery power.

If the owner of your business isn’t sure if taking the time and trouble to implement a maintenance management program is paying off--just show him or her your reports. After enough time has passed, you will probably get some perspective on common issues and how to solve them faster and better. And patterns tend to emerge--some parts fail on a pretty regular basis, or there are some problems you realize only crop up in summer or winter.

Don’t Operate Blind--Take Advantage of Maintenance Reports

As a maintenance administrator or employee, you shouldn’t just run around and “put out fires” wherever they crop up. If you’re operating without a plan, there’s a good chance that you’re not utilizing your hours as well as you could. Maintenance reports offer a great opportunity to take the temperature of your management system.

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