Parts And Inventory Software

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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You may not think your company needs parts and inventory software. After all, you’ve been keeping the records by hand on paper for a long time--just check out all those file cabinets. Or maybe you have a small business and have been keeping inventory in your head. But humans are fallible, and not all minds think alike. An employee could forget to tell you it’s time to reorder a certain part, and when an emergency comes up, you have to wait until it’s reordered and shipped to you. If you’re, say, a garage that prides itself on quick turnaround, this can throw a major kink in your work day and annoy your clients.

With parts and inventory software, you can assess your stock without leaving your desk. This means you can find out if you can make needed repairs in seconds, not after half an hour of rummaging through the garage. Plus, if your employees have access to the system, they can check out each part, automatically updating your inventory.

If you need to order new parts, you can also do this faster with a good software system. You can access the right supplier through your database, create a purchasing order, and even e-mail them directly. No more flipping through your Rolodex to find a phone or fax number. And since all your parts’ serial numbers are catalogued in the computer, you don’t have to worry about guessing and accidentally sending for the wrong piece.

Find Software to Fit All Your Parts

Before you buy new software, be sure that it will fulfill all your needs, and that your computer system can operate it. And remember that snafus can happen with even the best software. Always make a back up of all your files.

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