Parts And Inventory Tracking

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Keeping track of your parts and inventory can get complicated. After all, unless you’re a one-man operation, you have multiple employees who may forget to report that they’ve used a particular part. On the other hand, you could have several employees accidentally ordering the same parts. Not only do you then have duplicate parts you don’t need, but extra money has been taken out of your budget, and needed space has disappeared from your shelves.

One good solution is to install a parts and inventory software system to track what you have, and what you need. If this system is networked to your employees’ computers, everyone can work together to regularly update inventory. Each person can check to see if a part has already been ordered, or check to see if they can combine orders to save on shipping. You can make it one big order a week, rather than several small ones. To avoid potential redundancies, you can set up the system so that only one person can do the ordering.

You can find new ways to save money by tracking your parts and inventory. If there are parts you regularly have to reorder, perhaps it would be worthwhile to buy them in bulk at a cheaper rate. If your software is part of an overall CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) system with a central database, you can also save time when ordering: your suppliers’ contact information is already there, and you can quickly create a purchase order to send out.

Track Down the Best Parts and Inventory Software

Be sure to research the available software carefully before purchasing a system. Ask yourself some questions: is it user-friendly to operate? Will it do everything I need? Can it grow with my business? Is there tech support available if needed? After all, getting new software should make your life easier--not introduce a new set of problems.

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