Property Maintenance Management Software

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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A property management company can have some unique issues. Rather than working in a centralized location, this type of company can have projects and equipment in several different locations at once. Keeping clients, invoicing, and project histories organized can get complicated. Which employees are where? And with what machinery? There is specialized property maintenance management software available to address these specific issues.

With property maintenance management software, you can gather and record all of your client information: their primary and secondary contact information, the projects that have already been completed (including which employees did the work), and their invoicing history. A good software system will have a word processor included, so you can record the specific details of each job. If a client requires regular servicing, the computer can be set up to create a work order automatically, assigning workers and machinery.

Billing can be much simpler with the right software system. Some can create invoices from the work orders you create, and will calculate mark ups for parts and labor. Since your clients’ contact information is already entered, your property maintenance management software can then automatically create mailing labels or print envelopes. Most software of this sort also has an accounts receivable feature, so you can make a record of payment.

Simplify Your Business with Property Management Software

With a system like this in place, you may find that life is easier for both your employees and your clients. A new employee can read over a client’s history so they know their preferences and priorities. And your clients can benefit from your knowledgeable staff. Property maintenance management software is available through software dealers and online.

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