Receiving Software

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Today, when you got to work, your CMMS system alerted you that it’s time to order more brake pads. So you’ve sent out your purchasing order, your materials are on their way, and the life of your business goes on. You work is done, right? Well, not exactly. To complete the circle of purchasing, you need to receive the shipment once it arrives. Receiving software is an important element in any computerized maintenance management software system.

After all, keeping careful inventory is the key to good purchasing procedures. When you receive materials into your system, you can automatically update the inventory. Which means any work orders that were waiting on those brake pads can now get the green light to go forward. Which means you don’t have a case of brake pads sitting on a shelf covered in dust because no one knows they arrived!

When you take the time to receive shipments into your software system, you can also catch any mistakes. If the wrong part was sent, or if you were shorted items, you can figure it out right away. And because your vendor contact information is right there at your fingertips, you can immediately shoot them an e-mail telling them about any mixups.

Keep Inventory Updated with Receiving Software

In short, receiving software is a great tool to help keep your inventory current, and for double-checking your shipments. You can access all the necessary data in one place. It can also be convenient if the person receiving the shipment isn’t the one who placed the order--they can look it up on the computer to make sure everything is correct. There, now your work’s done.

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