Work Order Requests

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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If you are the administrator of a maintenance management system, you probably already know the benefits of utilizing work order software. Work orders can be quickly and easily created, and sent through the proper channels for execution. But it’s hard for one person to be the “eyes and ears” for an entire company, especially if it’s a large plant with hundreds of pieces of machinery. This is where your work order software can help the most: you can convert it so that your employees can create work order requests for your review.

After all, maintenance management can be a huge job, and you may not have the time to create each and every work order yourself. But if your employees have access to the system, they can identify repairs or other tasks they feel need to be addressed, and create a work order request to send to you. Then, instead of going out and examining everything yourself, you can merely sort your work orders by requests, and then read through and approve or reject them. The software can then turn those “greenlit” requests into bona fide work orders, and the projects are ready to go.

If you involve all your personnel in the maintenance management of the company, they may be more aware of possible hazards or safety concerns. And employees generally like to make their voices heard. By involving them in the work order process, you have the benefit of their hands-on experience with the equipment, and they have a direct line to having their opinions heard.

Accomplish More with Work Order Requests

A lot of the time, your employees will know when important maintenance jobs need to be done. But if they’re relaying this information to you verbally or leaving notes on your desk, this crucial information can be lost in the shuffle. By giving them access to work order requests, they have a consistent, well-organized way to communicate with you.

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