Hr Xml

Written by Patricia Skinner
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HR XML is the world's only non-profit, vendor-neutral organization to oversee the standardized XML vocabulary for e-commerce and inter-company human resources data interchange worldwide. The organization includes representatives from all the technology giants from Microsoft on down. The kind of enterprises that might have need of these standards are recruitment and job-posting organizations.

The HR XML Project

The project is not yet in its final stages, but is available to anyone through the consortium's website . The consortium chose XML for their project due to worldwide commercial interest in this new markup language as a medium for future operations. They wanted to choose a medium that would be attractive to all target organizations. XML, or extensible markup language, is a meta-language that is already extensively used in online business. Its advantages lie in its adaptability and the fact that it can be used for inter-departmental data exchange without regard to platform use.

The New Industry Standard

A standardized for XML used by such organizations could dynamically affect the process of finding personnel or a job online. The prime candidates for use of this software are human resources professionals and organizations who are interested in learning more about the capabilities of data exchange using XML.

If your organization is interested in learning how XML can be applied for specific purposes then the HR XML project will be of prime interest to you. The project compares the use of HTML and XML, and highlights the advantages of XML. Throughout the project examples are given to help the observer form conclusions.

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