Network Visualization

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Network visualization tools are those which help businesses to monitor and simulate their networks, including visualizations of monitored networks and graphical real-time displays of activity. There are a number of general-purpose network visualization tools that enable businesses to manipulate and visualize their networks. Some of these are written in HTML, but perhaps the most useful are those prepared in XML, as they have a more wide-ranging application. Those written in XML are compatible with any operation platform, and are better equipped to stay current with developing technology trends.

Complexities of Network Visualization

Complex information systems are notoriously difficult to represent and users often have problems finding relevant information. This is certainly the case with Web navigation. Users often feel lost, and in need of help with navigation. It is for this reason that many businesses consider a network visualization model as a means of improving the navigation of their system and thus improving customer service.

Data contained in such systems can often be organized hierarchically, so it can be represented as a tree. However, most network visualization models become extremely cluttered and complicated because of the vast quantity of information being displayed. These problems can be solved by using Virtual Reality (VR) techniques, although there are a few limitations.

Why Bother With Network Visualization?

Why do companies go to so much trouble to provide themselves with network visualization? Network breakthroughs repeatedly remove bottlenecks and provide new opportunities. A pattern appears as we attempt to scale up in capability and capacity without limit: every old bottleneck broken reveals another. Understanding the bottlenecks, the corresponding solutions and potential upper bounds to growth permits us to develop effective networked graphics. When we overcome current bottlenecks, "effectively networked graphics" will then mean "applications."

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