Xml Management Center

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The XML management center is just one element of the new generation of web-based enterprise management tools. This is a cyber age method of managing your business data. XML is short for extensible markup language and is expected to replace HTML as the next generation markup language for web documents and data.

XML Application

Like HTML, XML is a human-readable, machine-understandable medium for executing data on the web. An XML management center is a system for managing your business data using XML. There are a number of advantages to XML.

It allows you to merge a number of separate files to form a compound document. It can identify and place images into text. It can provide processing control information to document validators and browsers. It can even be used to add editorial comments to a file. XML is not, however, a predefined set of tags, as is the case with HTML, and it cannot be used simply as a standard template.

The Future of Web Markup Language?

So, as XML is becoming the most relevant new standard for data representation and exchange on the Web, if you're looking for a management tool for your business data, an XML management center is a good way to go. That is, of course, if you want to avoid becoming obsolete before your time!

Where Some Lead Others Follow

Some organizations have already gone over to an XML management center. The United States Navy announced the creation of its XML Business Standards Council in March 2003, as part of its policy of making it easier for systems to exchange information. Not only is this move expected to improve ease of communication between the Navy's 23 functional areas, but it is expected that interaction between the navy and private enterprise will follow as a result too.

XML In The Air

The United States Air Force is also in the early stages of a similar procedure to implement an XML management center. In response to the trend, many different companies are offering XML software packages to make the changeover easier for forward looking enterprises. When choosing an XML package for your business it is worth taking a look at the different benefits each package has to offer and the special requirements of your business.

The military would not have chosen XML if they were not confident that it was being adopted for use by a significant portion of commercial enterprises. Indeed many businesses are changing over to XML, and a good many have completed their transfer. XML is attractive to businesses because it can do so much more for them in terms of data control and processing.

The End of HTML

It really seems as if HTML is on its way out. It makes sense to make sure your business is not left suddenly high-and-dry. Even if you're not planning a changeover to XML anytime soon, why not think about training key personnel so that you'll be ready when you can't put it off any longer?

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