Xml Network

Written by Patricia Skinner
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If you want a network that will unite several disparate units of your business, you would be well advised to choose a native XML based server. Experts have estimated that from 2 percent in 2002, XML-based traffic on the Internet will increase to over 25 percent by 2006. After that, it's a fair bet that the increase will accelerate rapidly.

XML Network Changeover

So with time, all business networks will be required to handle an increased volume of XML traffic. It is acknowledged that current firewall and router solutions won't be able to fill these needs Doesn't it make sense to establish your XML usage policy now, before you are forced into it by a system that is simply not copying with traffic?

Facing the Future

So if you're a forward-looking business, it makes sense to prepare yourself for the future now by installing an XML network. Wise XML web services management would include phasing in the new system as soon as possible so that your system is never going to be pressured. Pressure causes glitches and problems; something we all want to avoid. The smooth running of business operation is essential for any business wishing to reach its full potential.

When replacing your current infrastructure with an XML network you will be able to rest assured in the knowledge that your new system will be able to handle all developments for some years to come. This will include, not only handling all the traffic the web has to throw at it, but adequate firewall and router solutions.

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