Baseball Bat Bags

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Most of the major bat manufacturers including Easton, Worth, and DeMarini also make baseball bat bags as accessories. For the extra 40 or 50 dollars, these bags are a wise investment for keeping your most important tools safe from scratches, dents, and dings. Over the course of a long season, a brand new bat can quickly fade into disrepair.

Baseball bat bags are constructed from sturdy 600D nylon and polyester to hold heavy loads such as multiple bats at once. Some coaches and players load in helmets, pads, fungo bats, and an assortment of balls as well, making for even bulkier loads to carry from bus to field. The last thing a team needs is for its equipment bags to tear while they're being toted to or from the bench area.

Accessories for Baseball Bat Bags

Good baseball bat bags come with sundry pockets and zippers to keep things such as batting donuts, rosin bags, handheld speed guns, and snacks safe from harm. They also offer adjustable carrying straps that let their owners shoulder the load equally across their backs, thereby preventing pinched nerves in the shoulder, neck, or spine. A season spent pitching can put enough strain on the rotator cuff without adding 60 or 70 misplaced pounds of gear on top of that delicate tissue.

A quality bag should also be built to withstand some abuse--at least the same abuse that would otherwise be inflicted on the bats themselves. This includes being dropped on concrete, smashed against chain-link fences (strangely enough, a common occurrence in the junior ranks), and tossed out of cars and buses onto grass or asphalt. They should also be designed to hold at least one or two water bottles in a side compartment.

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