Baseball Coaching Aids

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Managers at both the little league level and major league level have turned to baseball coaching aids to help improve their players' performance. There's a popular misconception that professionals have mastered their tools of the trade and thus cannot benefit from additional instruction. Nothing could be further from the truth.

While the pros know the techniques required for outstanding play, they often stand to benefit from crash courses in baserunning, fielding, throwing, pitching, and hitting. Understanding the concepts behind the skills alone is insufficient for mastering them. It's equally important to practice them regularly to keep them sharp.

The Types of Skills Baseball Coaching Aids Can Teach

Baseball coaching aids that focus on fielding and catching may offer tips on relays, back-ups, rundowns, and more. There may be an entire drill devoted to defending against drag bunters, the fleet-of-foot who attempt to leg out base hits on bunts. Perhaps there's a segment on handling "slow rollers," those bloop hits that casually meander down the baseline or toward the pitcher's mound. Knowing how to respond in each of these situations is imperative for getting the out.

Of all the baseball coaching aids at the junior level, it is hitting techniques that are most popular. Video instruction may cover the art of "situational" hitting such as sacrifice flies and bunts, or it may address common technique flaws such as "dipping" and "head-jumping." Whatever the case may be, there are videos, books, and other tools that address the specific problems that all players face.

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