Baseball Socks

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Baseball socks may seem like a trivial detail, but they're a necessary part of the game's attire. Traditionally, baseball socks have come in "stirrup" style for a flash of authenticity and tradition. The earliest players were known to have worn stirrups, largely because they were the fashion of the day. If there's any sport that prizes tradition, it's our national pastime.

Stirrup socks are also easy to slip on over regular athletic socks and can add a shot of uniformity or togetherness to a team's look. A flash of red, purple, or yellow at the feet helps convey a more accessorized look, especially when the stirrups pick up colors from the team's jersey or cap. Tiny extras such as stirrup socks also help youngsters to realize the value of teamwork. When everyone's wearing the exact same uniform, they're far more likely to feel like teammates, despite the inevitable emergence of certain stronger players as "stars."

Choices in Baseball Socks

Not all baseball socks come in the standard stirrup design. A new innovation has the stirrup shape printed onto "one-piece" socks. These look just like traditional stirrup socks, only there's no outer layer to get tangled in a player's shoe or caught on a base corner after a slide. A variation on this has separate-colored stirrups woven into the fabric, which achieves the same effect but looks classier.

Baseball socks may also be customized with a team's name or logo in that squad's chosen colors. Patterned socks that sport stripes or lightning streaks are also popular, especially among younger kids for whom aesthetics are still of paramount importance. Very young kids just getting acquainted with the game may prefer neon or fluorescent socks instead, a preference that parents and coaches are wise to indulge if it means helping these children stay interested in the sport as they're beginning to understand it.

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