Baseball T Shirts

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Baseball T shirts are one of the cornerstones of any successful apparel retailer's business. The design, silk-screening, mass production, and shipment of shirts is all relatively inexpensive compared with their price points after a 100- or 150-percent mark-up. The high margins on baseball T shirts, coupled with their popularity, is more than enough to compensate for flagging sales numbers in other areas of an apparel retailer's business.

Why exactly are baseball T shirts so popular? Well, for one thing, unlike 150-dollar shoes and 300-dollar jackets, shirts are affordable for most teenage fans. Ten or 15 bucks is all it takes for a young star-struck slugger to wear his or her favorite pro player's likeness. Moreover, T shirts are colorful (they're most often the same colors as the official team colors) and comfortable (they're usually made of 100-percent stretchable cotton).

Options for Baseball T Shirts

Wearing the official colors and emblems of one's favorite team is typically the first choice for baseball die-hards. As the game has transformed from one of nuance and detail to an all-out slugfest, power hitters in particular have taken on greater stature among youngsters interested in the game. Thus, it's just as common to find these fans sporting Barry Bonds or Sammy Sosa Ts as it is San Francisco Giants or Chicago Cubs Ts.

Most T shirt companies tailor their apparel lines to fans of all ages and sizes, though, even if kids remain a target market. It's easy to find shirts in a variety of youth sizes (youth small on up through youth XL) as well as men's and women's sizes. More and more companies are using e-commerce to allow fans to customize their own shirts, which may mean choosing original decals for shirts that aren't part of a particular line.

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