Baseball Uniforms

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The anticipation of the coming season's baseball uniforms is one of the true joys of a little leaguer's winter or spring. Baseball uniforms are more than just indications of a team's name--they help youngsters form a team identity as well. This can be invaluable in helping them to build a sense of camaraderie and teamwork in a sport that too often rewards personal achievement.

There are several options for little league commissioners looking for team uniforms. One is to have the league name and logo printed on the front of jerseys, a smart move for those looking to avoid trademark-infringement and licensing hassles. Even if most professional teams would gladly permit young fans to wear their official insignias on their baseball uniforms, the league itself is adamant in enforcing its valuable trademarks.

Other Options for Baseball Uniforms

Some coaches, managers, and commissioners opt to pay the licensing fees requested in order to let kids sport the team logos of their heroes. This is usually an option for well-funded leagues in nicer neighborhoods. Inner-city leagues may not be blessed with the capital needed to furnish 12 or 15 players on 10 to 20 different teams with their own official jerseys. If that's the case, leagues might wish to explore T shirts instead, which run anywhere from 10 to 15 dollars less than button-down cotton jerseys.

There are also stores and websites that offer alternate versions of official team merchandise. The league, after all, does not hold the trademark on words such as "Braves" and "Orioles," even if they do hold the trademarked team names. Kids still get the flavor of owning and wearing the same apparel as their grown-up counterparts, only no legal conundrums arise.

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