Louisville Slugger Baseball Bats

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Louisville Slugger baseball bats are the gold standard of the game. The company proudly advertises the fact that more home runs are hit with Louisville Sluggers than with any other brand of bat. Historically, this has most certainly been the case, as the manufacturer has been in business since the 1880s, when it began cranking out "white ash" wooden bats.

Nowadays, the Louisville Slugger company is still making baseball bats from good old trees as well as from high-tech metal composites. The former are designed for major leaguers, all of whom are shackled by the commissioner's strict enforcement of the all-wood rule. It's no exaggeration to say that, were aluminum bats to be permitted in the bigs, it would only be a matter of time before a player were killed by a screaming line drive.

Louisville Slugger Baseball Bats Aren't Just for Sluggers

Ever try to teach a child the principles of photography on an automatic camera? It's not too easy, as everything is already taken care of, from focal distances and f-stops to exposure times and flashes. The same holds true with cutting-edge aluminum bats (which Louisville Slugger does manufacture in addition to its wood line). Give a child an aluminum-zinc-magnesium bat, and he or she will never know if those base hits are the product of great hitting mechanics or a generous bat.

It's for this reason that many coaches and parents prefer to buy wooden Louisville Slugger baseball bats for their junior players. They then have a more reliable diagnostic tool for analyzing the effectiveness of their kids' grips, shoulder rotation, and wrist movement. It's much more helpful to correct, say, an uppercut swing than it is to replace a child's bats with increasingly heftier ones.

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