Basketball Coaching Equipment

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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When it comes to basketball coaching equipment, few if any expensive accessories enter the picture. So long as you've been furnished with at least one backboard, one rim, one net, and one ball (not to mention 10 players), the rest is made up of incidentals such as whistles, clipboards, and stopwatches. Many coaches manage to do just fine anyway without these extras.

One piece of basketball coaching equipment that does come in handy, however, is a great instructional video or set of videos. These can be used to highlight concepts you've taught in practice such as the proper inbound passing technique, give-and-go maneuver, or "half-moon" flash in the low post. Oftentimes, these tapes manage to add their own two cents on topics you'd never think to introduce such as sportsmanship or proper diet and nutrition.

The Truth about Basketball Coaching Equipment

The fact is, it's a long season, full of demanding practices, injuries, mishaps, and more. Worse still, when you're dealing with students who also have academic commitments, scheduling difficulties arise around finals, midterms, and vacations. In all the hullabaloo, one thing is for certain: various pieces of basketball coaching equipment are bound to get lost, stolen, or damaged.

What this means is that savvy coaches learn how to travel light. The old adage, "Keep it simple, Stupid" applies; all you really need to prepare for your next game is your playbook, your instructional tapes, and your patience. Fancy equipment such as ball-rebounders and dummy defenders sound great, but are only extra cargo you must schlep to and from the bus and gymnasium, so why not lose it altogether?

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