Basketball Summer Camps

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Each year between June and September, tens of thousands of youngsters head off to basketball summer camps. Some of these camps are nothing fancier than drill-intensive sessions at a local high school gym, presided over by a school coach or athletic director. Others, however, draw the leading prep players in the land and become virtual training camps for future NBA stars.

Basketball summer camps that rope in the leading college prospects have a few things in common. One is that they all bear the signature of past greats, from Michael Jordan to Morgan Wootten. Even a college standout such as Johnny Dawkins who turned into a moderate NBA talent has a much greater likelihood of attracting prep standouts than does a local hometown hero who may be a great coach in his own right but never stepped foot in the NBA.

Other Common Features of Top Basketball Summer Camps

While name recognition starts at the top, the success of any great camp demands recognizable names throughout the teaching ranks as well. Most times, the star whose name is on the camp in question merely stops in for a day to make an appearance, sign some autographs, and challenge his campers to one-on-one. That means the true talent lies with the star's deputies, many of whom are former basketball greats themselves.

Lest you think that the only measure of basketball summer camps' reputation is star quality, keep in mind that these camps are also fertile ground for agents, coaches, and recruiters as well. It doesn't take too much effort to learn where college and NBA coaches go to scout out their newest crop of talent. This is a primary consideration for young athletes who feel they have a legitimate shot at playing college (or perhaps pro) ball, even if that number is much smaller than the athletes themselves would like to believe.

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