Basketball Team Uniforms

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Basketball team uniforms are as much a part of the game as are the locker rooms in which they're kept. At a purely practical level, uniforms distinguish the two teams on the court. While this may sound simplistic, bear in mind that kids of all ages play in basketball leagues, even children as young as seven and eight. For them, identifying teammates versus defenders is a core component of the game.

Even at a more mature level, such as junior high school, basketball team uniforms serve an important psychological function. Namely, they stress that basketball is a team game, evidenced by the fact that all 12 players are clad in the same colors. In an era when individual college and NBA (and even prep) stars are lauded for their personal accomplishments on the hardwood, it's exceedingly tough to teach principles of teamwork and unity. Basketball team uniforms can help.

The Other Side of Basketball Team Uniforms

There are basketball team uniforms that youngsters don for their weekly league matchups, and there are those that advertise the names of their favorite NBA franchises and players. More and more apparel companies have expanded their lines to include branded articles from the big leagues, as names like Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, and LeBron James draw millions of dollars for manufacturers and marketers. For this reason, the NBA enforces strict licensing regulations when it comes to its stars and charges uniform makers a pretty penny for the right to cash in on league talent.

That doesn't stop kids from devouring new basketball team uniforms whenever updated designs hit the market. These days, as the league grows more and more image-conscious, it seems new team logos and colors are a yearly occurrence. Parents should therefore not be surprised when their young Jordans and Magics implore them to lay out 100 to 200 bucks for a brand new ensemble.

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