Used Basketball Equipment

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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If you're a coach or a parent operating on a shoestring budget (or simply looking to save a few bucks), there's nothing wrong with purchasing used basketball equipment. Buying a new backboard-rim combination can cost upwards of 500 dollars depending on its quality. Even a modest "in-ground" setup still usually runs anywhere from 100 to 200 bucks.

Is it really safe to buy used basketball equipment, especially after somebody has assembled and disassembled it? Provided the previous owner didn't abuse the pole, rim, backboard, or any of the nuts, bolts, and clamps that come with them, there's no reason to suspect your equipment is flawed or compromised. Nevertheless, if your seller has his or her original receipt, it's never a bad idea to get this as part of your package.

Why Buy Used Basketball Equipment?

One great reason to buy used basketball equipment is that there's often no discernible difference between it and brand new gear. A lot of times parents buy and install home hoops for their children, who spend a week or two using it, then abandon it for their next toy, game, or distraction. The parents are then left with several hundred dollars worth of idle equipment in their front or back yards, which they'd just as soon remove and resell in an attempt to recoup their costs.

Another reason to buy used basketball equipment is that there's no need to give up the selection you'd expect to find at your local sporting goods store. Internet auction sites and used goods vendors are so plentiful that you can track down the Spaldings, the Huffys, the Wilsons, or any other manufacturer whose products you're after. It's even possible to locate overstock through retail chains and get new equipment at resale prices. Be sure to check out floor models while you're at it.

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