Arched Bike Parking Racks

Written by Dallas Smith
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When you walk down your average bustling downtown street, one feature you might tend to notice are the popular arched bike parking racks that have become more prominent in the past couple of years. It makes sense if you consider that the number of people using bikes for transportation has also increased as more people look for new ways to live "greener" lifestyles, so to speak. Whatever the reasons, more bikes on the roads creates a need for more bike racks, and the arched style is a highly functional model.

Even so, with many different manufacturers available, if you are looking to purchase arched bike parking racks, you might want to do a bit of research to find out which manufacturers offer the most secure racks, as a rack with suspect security features could be rendered useless in a short time by a committed bike thief with a hacksaw. Also rendered useless in the process would be the valuable time and effort spent purchasing and installing the rack, and more importantly, the confidence of bike riders in that area. To counteract such an undesirable result, it is important to take a few key security features into consideration when purchasing an arched rack.

Arched Bike Parking Racks: The Key Security Components

Arched bike parking racks already embody appealing design features, so getting a lock on key security features can be the final step before making a solid purchase. These features can include universal anchoring capabilities, they can include construction with a gauge of steel thick enough to repel even the most dedicated hacksaw assault, and they can have locking capabilities that accomodate the popular Citadel and Kryptonite horseshoe locks in a simultaneous front-wheel, frame, and rack triad. Find a rack incorporating these features and you've got one secure bike rack.

Again, arched bike parking racks display a modern, aesthetically-pleasing design to begin with, so when you find one that also incorporates great security features into that design, you've got the total package for a great bike rack. With such a reliable piece of equipment you have a rack that will deter theft while it blends effortlessly into the surroundings. Best of all, your rack will inspire confidence and trust in the bikers who use it for as long as the rack stays standing--and that should be for quite a few years down the road.

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