Bicycle Racks 101

Written by Dallas Smith
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As an individual in the market for a quality bike rack for your organization, institution, and so forth, you'd probably love to get a quick crash course in everything bike racks, so to speak. If that's the case, then consider the following information to be your Bicycle Racks 101--everything you need to know about purchasing an exceptionally functional bike rack. Specifically, if you take note of two fundamental qualities of a bike rack, you'll be well on your way to finding the perfect rack for your needs.

Bicycle Racks 101: The Power of Two

Purchasing a bike rack can be reduced to focusing on two key features, and how these two features interact. Bicycle Racks 101 feature one--it's all about security, which is unquestionably the most important feature of any bike rack. What you're looking for as far in security are three elements--can the rack be anchored to any surface, what is the gauge of the steel used in the rack construction, and can the rack accomodate a simultaneous locking of the bike frame and front wheel to its body.

Bicycle Racks 101 feature two--it's all about style, meaning, how well does the bike rack mesh with its surroundings, and how efficiently does it arrange the bikes? If you're thinking of a tangled mass of handlebars, gears, pedals, and so on, you're probably thinking of the rack you don't want. If you're thinking of a rack that not only arranges the bikes in an orderly fashion but can also be custom-anchored to blend seamlessly into sidwalks, pathways, and the like, then you're on the right track.

Bicycle Racks 101 in conclusion--if you've found a rack that features outstanding security qualifications and synchronizes in perfect harmony with the surrounding area, then you've found your perfect bike rack. Look for the rack that incorporates a perfect balance of security and style, and you'll pass Bicycle Racks 101 with flying colors. Anything less, and you might be spending valuable time and money taking the course again, when your not-so-perfect rack doesn't quite make the grade.

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