Bike Racks

Written by Dallas Smith
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As the person in charge of purchasing bike racks for your institution or organization, you might be wondering exactly what specific types of bike racks are available to you. Fortunately, because of the prospering bike commuter environment that exists today, manufacturers of racks are creating ever-evolving designs that are meant for a wide range of locations. Also, designers are more conscious than ever of the need for rack styles that mesh perfectly with the surrounding location, so you can expect to find more eye-pleasing designs that still manage to retain functionality and security.

Most of the more recently designed racks, for example, are a significant departure from the cumbersome, unsightly racks of years past, where bikes were clustered together in a tangled mass of pedals and handlebars, locked to suspect-looking thin grey steel bars that would bend and warp. Not exactly a model of security and aesthetics were those earlier racks! Today's bike racks, however, such as the popular wave racks, feature a sleek look created by a durable, black polyvinyl finish that protects bikes from nicks and scratches, and arranges them in well-spaced, uncluttered rows.

Other designs include arch racks, mini, low-profile racks, and padlock-equipped U-lock racks. Options with these types of racks include cementing or bolting them into the ground for added security, and they are designed to accomodate the popular Citadel and Kryptonite horseshoe bike locks in use by many riders today. Additionally, current bike rack designs can accomodate more bikes at a time than conventional racks, regardless of varying bike frame styles and handlebar widths.

Today's Bike Racks: Where Form Meets Function

The most desirable feature of modern bike racks is the innovative melding of a slick, futuristic design with outstanding efficiency and security. If your institution, department or organization is in need of bike racks, you'll be surprised by the range of excellent options available to you. Take a look at what's out there, and you'll soon find high-quality racks that will blend effortlessly into the surroundings, and guarantee safety and security in the process.

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