Steel Bike Parking Racks

Written by Dallas Smith
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If you're in the market for steel bike parking racks of exceptional quality, then you're in luck, because what you'll find are some of the most secure bike racks in production. Even so, it's important to take a close look at the exact specifications of any bike rack to see how judge how well it will stand up to a dedicated bike thief. In fact, if you purchase a rack with even slightly suspect security, you might find it soon rendered useless by a committed thief wielding a good hacksaw.

When you do purchase solid steel bike parking racks, you'll want to consider a number of important features that go a long way toward negating the roving bike thief. For example, find a manufacturer producing racks that can be universally mounted on just about any surface. Also, you know you're dealing with steel, but do you know the gauge of steel you're dealing with? Find a gauge thick enough to render a hacksaw useless, and you're in business. Finally, what are the locking capabilities of the rack?

In other words, determine if your desired steel bike parking racks can accomodate the popular Citadel and Kryptonite horseshoe locks, and if it allows for simultaneous front-wheel and frame locking. If so, you can be confident that you've got one secure rack that's going to yield endless hours of frustration for would-be thieves, and total confidence for your area bikers.

Steel Bike Parking Racks: Pick a Design and You're Ready to Go

Once you've determined that your steel bike parking racks are up to par security-wise, all that's left is to pick an appealing design. This process is the easy part; simply find a style that enhances its surroundings--keeping in mind that many racks can be custom-anchored to a specific location--and you're ready to roll with quality bike rack. Again, you'll be thwarting thieves while you provide area bikers a safe docking point for years to come.

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